The LSR Experience

Healthy Notions Kids is pleased to offer the live studio recording experience as children perform original tunes, designed to inspire dreams and bright hope for the future. Through creative stimulation and musical performance children are encouraged to expand their individual potential, build self-esteem, develop literacy, and communication skills.

Thanks to SAE studios, children and parents received a full tour, and were educated on the process and engineering required to deliver a professional music production. Most people consider it only a dream to perform in a state of the art facility. However, children who participate in LSR are able to embrace a live experience that they will always remember.

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Grow Lean and Green

Nearly 14.7 million of America’s children and adolescents are overweight according to the latest statistics. Grow Lean and Green presents a plan in the direct again experience as youngsters prepare the soil and plant seeds for a successful harvest of tasty vegetables.

Through gardening they experience the colors, weight, and size of a variety of tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, onions, and other vegetables and herbs that would eventually serve its purpose as a tasty meal. A recognized connoisseur leads their taste buds on a journey of creative, culinary fun.

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EyeC Art Lab

EyeC Art Lab stimulates imagination through visual arts. Children are encouraged to envision their future using paint, canvas, and digital art. The harmony of art and science is visualized as children think, and imagine themselves in a future of limitless possibilities.

Too often, children who grow up in difficult backgrounds, understandably, have a hard time seeing beyond their current situations. Visualization, especially in a fintech digital world is a great tool to foster success. Healthy Notions serves children from all economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. We appreciate our partners for helping us stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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